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Superannuation and retirement planning advice

Sound retirement planning advice starts by clearly articulating your future goals and objectives.

Financial goals and objectives can be broken down to the short (less than 2 years), medium (3 to 7 years) and long-term (more than 7 years).

Let's use the example of Bob and Sue who are both in their early 50's and who plan on retiring at age 60 to illustrate what it means to articulate future goals and objectives: 

Their short-term objectives are: 

1.) To create a budget so they can gain clarity over their surplus cashflow.

2.) To use their surplus cashflow to pay down $6000 of credit card debt by the end of 12 months.

Their medium-term objective:

3.) To pay off the mortgage in 5 years.

Their long-term objective:

4.) To retire when Bob turns 60 on $60,000 per year, indexed to inflation. 

Clearly defining the short, medium and long-term objectives are what drive financial planning processes and strategies.  

How We work with you

Simple - Easy - Convenient

1 - Mini-Discovery Meeting (Up to 15 minutes)

This is a chance for us to get a high-level understanding of your situation and what you are trying to achieve and for you to assess whether we are the right fit for you.

2 - Pleminary Proposal

After gathering high-level information of your assets and liabilities, income and expenses and superannuation we will send you a preliminary proposal within 2 working days outlining how our advice can benefit you along with a quote for the work.

Our advice fee is based on the complexity of the advice, the level of funds under advice and whether the advice is for a single person or  a couple.


3 - Discovery Meeting

This meeting is a chance for us to better understand your current situation and what you are trying to achieve. Importantly, we will help you articulate your short, medium and long-term objectives so that we can create a retirement plan that helps you face retirement with confidence.

4 - Retirement Plan Construction

The fundamental purpose of Retirement Planning is to ensure you set yourself up for an amazing retirement without any financial stress.

After we collect your information and have a clear understanding of your retirement objectives, we go to work creating a customised Retirement Plan.

Using sophisticated financial planning software and our years of experience as well us our knowledge of superannuation, investments, taxation, and social security rules, we craft a Retirement Plan that ensures your super is invested in a way that meets your stated goals.

5. Plan Presentation and Implementation Meeting

We email you the completed financial plan (Statement of Advice) a few days prior to the meeting so that you can come prepared with any questions you may have.

During the meeting we explain our recommendations, answer any questions you may have and help you implement the plan (complete forms, applications, etc)


Mini Discovery Meeting
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Book Full Meeting
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Full Discovery Meeting
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Retirement Plan Construction


Plan Presentation
& Implementation Meeting

Services We Offer

Which best describes you?

I am

More than 5 years out from retirement

Less than 5 years out from retirement

Newly Retired

Financial Planning and Super Advice for Retirement

For those who are looking to retire a well thought out plan from an experienced, licensed financial planner helps you navigate through the complexity so that you can retire with confidence.

We offer:
Financial Planning
Super Advice
Retirement Plan creation

A Retirement Plan helps you maximise your retirement savings so that you can retire on your terms...


Transitioning into Retirement

Transitioning into retirement is a great way to ease out of working life and prepare for life in retirement.

We offer:
Financial Planning
Super Advice
TTR Pension Strategy Creation

Depending on your circumstances, a TTR (Transition To Retirement) pension strategy can be very useful for anyone closing in on retirement...


Managing your retirement financially

Retirement can last well over 20 years and the number one fear most retirees have is running out of money, which is why it is so important to have a Retirement Income Plan.

We offer:
Financial Planning
Super advice
Retirement Income Plan Creation

A Retirement Income Plan starts with budgeting and incorporates researching the best strategies and products to help you make the most of your retirement savings...

Ongoing Guidance

The biggest fear most retirees have is running out of money.


Our Ongoing Guidance Package helps you to stick with your financial plan and provides you with direct ongoing access to your financial adviser.


It is widely acknowledged that super fund members who had a direct ongoing financial adviser relationship fared significantly better during the Covid-19 market crash than unadvised superannuation members

  • Ongoing Access to Financial Adviser
  • Annual Review of Financial Plan
  • Assistance with Centrelink (as required)
  • Financial Projections and Modelling (as required)
  • Ongoing Administration Support

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