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Brett Young

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It's fantastic to meet you

My name is Brett Young.


I know the name doesn't quite match the face 🙂 


I was born in Durban, South Africa and emigrated to Australia with my mum when I was 22 years old - more than 20 years ago - it's actually a bit longer than that but let's keep it at round figures 😉 


From a young age I've had a passion for mathematics and problem solving.


After school I started a degree in Electrical Engineering which I didn't end up completing - let's say mainly due to the misadventures of youth!


My mum, who was a single parent, used whatever savings she had to give me a chance at a new life in Australia.

How I began my career

After listening to a talk by a financial planner at the global bank where I worked I chose to embark on a financial planning career as I could see how it could combine my passion for numbers with my love of helping people.

My first job in the industry was in 2004 as a Client Service Officer at a state retirement planning firm where I supported two experienced financial planners. I spent two years in the role and the on-the-job learning combined with the commencement of formal studies provided a great platform for my career.

I spent the next 11 years in various adviser roles at a bank, a major super fund and finally at a small financial advice firm.

This "bottom up" learning allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the superannuation and financial advice industry in Australia.

I first conceived of Online Super Advice in 2016 when I  completed an assignment for my Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner designation.

The idea was to provide advice online via video-conference and to take the best of what I had learned in my previous roles and apply them to my own business.


My three core beliefs when it comes to superannuation and retirement planning

  • Asset allocation (how your super is invested) matters and is a major determinant of how your super performs over time. The name of the super fund is largely irrelevant as super funds, by and large, have access to the same underlying assets.
  • Ongoing fees matter as they have a huge negative impact on your retirement savings because of the  long-term nature of super. We control ongoing advice fees by providing advice online and control ongoing investment fees by choosing low cost index investments as far as possible.
  • Financial advice matters. The Australian superannuation and retirement system is complex and it is easy to make costly mistakes or forego substantial opportunities to maximise your retirement savings by  not seeking out licensed financial advice.

Achievements Acreditations

Brett became a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FchFP) in 2016 and passed the FASEA Financial Adviser Exam in March 2021.

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56-65 years old
" Brett has provided me with advice in transitioning to retirement for both myself and my wife.. He has been able to explain the superannuation process in that I have full confidence in the path chosen. Brett has enabled me to reduce my super management costs significantly. Whilst enhancing my investment earning opportunities. I have full confidence in Brett's advice."

16 Feb 2021


65+ Years old
"Brett was always available to us,with good advice and showed a good knowledge of the superannuation system. He explained what we needed and what he thought we should do to maximise our income for the future. We have been long term clients of Legan and Brett looked after us for approx 5 yrs. We have been very happy with his service"

19 Jul 2018


65+ Years old
"Brett has looked after me very well over recent years. He knows his business and follows up on his commitments. He is caring and trustworthy, traits that can be hard to find in this crazy financial world. Highly recommended based on my experiences."

20 Jul 2018


65+ Years old
"We found Brett to be a knowledgeable Advisor who steered us in the right direction for Transition To Retirement, and Tax effectiveness. He was a pleasure to do business with."

23 Jul 2018

My vision and hope for Online Super Advice is that it will become THE trusted website for superannuation and retirement planning advice in Australia

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My vision for Online super advice

While the technical stuff can be learned, I like to believe that the care factor is the thing that sets Online Super Advice apart.

My vision and hope  for Online Super Advice is that it will become THE trusted website for superannuation and retirement planning advice in Australia. 

I also hope to make my mum proud 🙂

Online Super Advice - Elderly couple using service

The care factor is the thing that sets Online Super Advice apart

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