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Book a Mini-discovery meeting

During this brief phone meeting we get an overview of your situation and what it is you are trying to achieve.


We ask you about your current situation and gather  financial information such as your assets and liabilities, income and expenses, superannuation as well as when you plan on retiring and the level of income you require in retirement.


We then go away to investigate possible strategies and solutions and get back to you within 48 hours via email with a preliminary proposal as well as a quote for our professional advice/retirement plan. 


The quote is based on the complexity of your situation, the amount of funds under advice (FUA) as well as whether the advice is for a single person or a couple. 

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To get started, fill out a contact form to request a call and we'll give you a ring within 1 -2 business days FIND FORM HERE

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Alternatively, simply call us on 1300 399 236


Connect Face-to-face with a qualified Financial Adviser via video call

Once you are happy with the preliminary proposal that was emailed to you and wish to proceed with advice, the next step is to book a Discovery meeting which is conducted via video-conference*.


If you would like any of your trusted advisers (accountant/lawyer/adult children) to join the Discovery meeting let us know and we'll make sure to invite them as well. 


During the Discovery meeting we gather more detailed information and gain a deeper understanding of your retirement goals and objectives.


The Discovery meeting is the most crucial part of the retirement planning process as it allows us to have an engaging conversation and helps you to gain clarity over they type of retirement you want.


The great thing about video-conferencing is that if we run out of time we can schedule additional Discovery meetings with very little inconvenience.


* In-person meetings can be arranged in the greater Sydney area

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Personalised professional retirement advice catered to your unique situation

Once we have a clear understanding of your current situation and your retirement objectives as a result of our video and phone meetings, we go to work creating you a customised Retirement Plan.


Using sophisticated financial planning software and our years of experience as well us our knowledge of superannuation, investments, taxation, and social security, we craft a Retirement Plan that makes the most of the rules and acts a roadmap for your retirement.


One week after our final Discovery meeting we have a Presentation and Implementation meeting (via Zoom or phone) where we present the Statement of Advice (financial plan) and arrange implementation of the recommendations. 


Our professional advice fees can be paid from super in most cases.


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